How to Re-Onboard Existing Clients and Update the Way You Do Business

You’re always reinventing your practice. Incorporating new ideas, narrowing your focus, updating your ‘Client Experience’ process… essentially getting better and better.

But, how do you communicate that to clients? You know the ones… the clients you’ve had for years and years that need to be reintroduced to how you do business now and the practice that you’ve evolved into.

In today’s episode we’re going to dive into the “Re-Onboarding Experience” and how to execute this in a way that feels natural and not awkward to you and your clients.

We’ll talk about:

  • When it makes sense to do a “re-onboarding” 
  • How to introduce it in a way that makes sense
  • What’s included in an onboarding
  • Language that just works
  • How to drive behavior change on your clients end
  • And, so much more!

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