How This Advisor Turned His Marketing Strategy Into an Endless Line of Ideal Prospects with Ben Brandt

One of my favorite things to talk about is how to get to a place where ideal clients are finding their way to you.

I remember, early on in my business, doing all the things: cold calls, events at my church, taking any scraps of clients I could get from my mentor... That eventually evolved into workshops and more sophisticated marketing, then that evolved into our referral events, and then that evolved into eventually just getting inbound referrals.

It took a long time for me. It was a process that I had to test, I had to tweak, I had to refine… over years and years and years. And, let’s be honest, the environment now is so different than when I started my business back in 2004. So, if I had to start my business over in today’s environment, knowing what I know now, what would I do differently?

Well, to help me answer that question, today I have Ben Brandt, financial advisor and podcast host extraordinaire, to help me answer that question. Ben’s experience of turning his marketing strategy into an endless line of qualified prospects is a good one. And, I think any and every advisor can benefit from his story.

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