How Mind Mastery Leads You to Success With Chukky Okobi

You’re the narrator of your life story. What you believe becomes your reality.

Control your mind = control your life!

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Chukky Okobi, an eight-year NFL alumni and Super Bowl champion, Tedx Speaker, mindset coach, and NLP master practitioner and trainer at Basic Instructions. Chukky shares powerful ways to achieve mind mastery, master your emotions, and build a strong rapport with yourself.

Chukky discusses:

  • Times when you must say, “This is unacceptable. I need to change!”
  • The conscious and unconscious mind dynamic that influences your decisions
  • How to turn negative emotions into something beneficial
  • Tips to help you let go of beliefs that are keeping you from experiencing what you want
  • And more

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