Helping People Rise Above the Noise with Amelia Garland and Courtney McQuade

Today we are joined by Amelia Garland, Head of Audience Development and Studios for US, Canada, & Lat Am and Courtney McQuade, Head of Social Media for the US, both from Citywire RIA; Citywire publication in which all news, views and analysis is aimed at those individuals who decide their firms’ investment proposition and manage client portfolios. 

In this episode of Permission to Succeed, guest host Matt Halloran talks with Amelia and Courtney about how they got their starts, how they ended up in financial services, and how Citywire’s passion for personalized stories, good journalism and good social media helps their messages “rise above the noise.”

Recorded at the Market Counsel Summit. Presented by: 

Resources: Citywire USA | FP Transitions