Health Is Your Biggest Asset! Are You Treating It That Way?

Advisors, it’s time to stop burning yourself out. If you truly want to live your best retirement, focus on building your health and wealth!

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Stevyn Guinnip, an exercise physiologist, certified wellness coach, and the founder & CEO of Grow Wellthy™. Stevyn is on a mission to keep financial services professionals from overworking themselves and to help them and their clients live a healthy and wealthy retirement.

Stevyn discusses:

  • How to start prioritizing your health and put an end to toxic guilt trips
  • Resources to make your health journey fun and easy (starting today!)
  • The impact of lifespan, healthspan, and sickspan on retirement planning
  • A sneak peek into her upcoming book based on a “financial approach to health”
  • And more

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