Get Ahead With Effective Social Security Planning with Jack Sharry & Jeff Quigley

Recorded by: Jack Martin  | InsurMark

Maximizing income retirement is quickly becoming a prevailing conversation for financial planners, especially with the influx of retirees these past years.

The question on the minds of many pre-retirees is, “What do I do about my Social Security?”

In this episode, LifeYield’s CMO, Jack Sharry, and Senior Vice President, Jeff Quigley, discuss the importance of starting the Social Security conversation with your clients sooner rather than later. Plus, they reveal how you can use their technology when navigating these complex conversations.

Jack and Jeff discuss:

  • The growing population of retirees and the demands they hold for financial advisors 
  • How their software can make Social Security planning easier to navigate
  • The opportunity to demonstrate your value as an advisor through Social Security planning
  • The importance of starting these conversations early to ensure life benefits are maximized 
  • And more

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