Financial Advisors Should Fear This Competitor

You’ve probably been rejected by prospects who hired another advisor, managed their money themselves or went with a robo-advisor. The truth is: Competitors are closing clients you could’ve signed left and right. And if you’re not setting yourself apart from your competitors, you’ll lose. But if you become a category of your own, you’ll have all the clients you need.

In this episode, you’ll find out how to do just that and magnetize more clients than you can handle.  Want to stop competing and start winning? Listen now! Show highlights include: 

  • How robo-advisors might skyrocket your business and send you red-hot leads (even if you’re afraid they’ll eat your business) (1:58)
  • The “indirect competitors” that steal your prospects while you’re not looking (7:35)
  • What air conditioning in retail shops can teach you about becoming the best advisor in your niche (and attracting the most clients) (11:15)
  • Disney’s “On Stage” strategy that makes their customers’ experience magical—and how to use it to create a client experience that keeps them around for years. (13:42)

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