Expanding Investment Opportunities Through Effective Tax Planning with Sam Mille

Building tax strategies around investment plans provide a layer of security to reduce the cost of returns while allowing you to further invest that money.

In this episode, Robert Curtiss is joined by Sam Miller, the director of research and marketing at Signature Estate & Investment Advisors (SEIA). Sam unpacks the different types of investment options clients can consider, how they fit within portfolio planning, and the importance of including a tax planner in your investment planning.

Sam discusses:

  • His role at SEIA and his approach to portfolio construction and investment selection
  • How he separates alternative investments based on how fiduciarily responsible they are for their clients
  • What additional elements have opened up in the wake of inflation to diversify portfolios
  • Strategies to liquefy a singular long-term investment while avoiding a huge tax cost
  • The tax planning associated with capital gains and qualified opportunity zone funds
  • And more!

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