Every Reason To Build a Hyper-Focused Niche Practice with Jen Dawson

Advisors often hesitate to niche out because they’re worried about whittling down their number of prospects.  Or worse, picking a niche that doesn’t work out.

Maybe you know that niching is a game changer. But you’re worried, too. How do you get to a place where you can confidently know “these are my people” and attract the right prospects?

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Jen Dawson, CFP®, managing director and senior wealth advisor of Hemington Wealth Management. Jen shares why she dared to build a hyper-focused niche practice, serving women lawyers. The benefits of niching down, what she’d do differently, how to create marketing messages that resonate  — she covers it all.

Jen discusses:

  • Why having a niche makes business development and prospecting easier
  • How she got to a place within the first year of niching where she knew “These are my people” 
  • What didn’t work (and how to avoid the same mistakes when niching)
  • What it’s honestly like to serve lawyers (and why they’re the right fit for her)
  • The two biggest ways she’s been getting referrals lately
  • And more

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