Dying Kindness: Help Clients Be Kinder to Those They’ll Leave Behind with Cianna Stewart

“I’m going to die someday, and spoiler alert: so are you.”

After someone dies, your ideal situation is to be allowed to just simply grieve. 

But instead? Most of us are left with grief that’s affected by feeling frustrated, confused, or financially freaked out by legalities. 

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Cianna Stewart. She’s the producer and host of Dying Kindness, a podcast for people who are going to die someday. Looking beyond the will, Cianna shares ways to help your clients answer, “How can I be kinder to the people I’ll leave behind?” She cracks open the Death Binder, giving you tips to start resolving that question by the end of this episode. 

Cianna discusses:

  • 7 essential lists to prevent loved ones from frantically searching for info and making guesses after you die
  • How to create an emergency contact list that ensures everyone’s taken care of, no matter how long you’re out of  commission
  • 3 prompts for writing your own obituary (including a perspective to take you from feeling overwhelmed and gloomy to inspired and reflective)
  • The biggest mistakes clients make with their wills (and how to help them avoid it)
  • And more

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