Building a Team of Shareholders: Fostering Collaboration and Wealth Creation with Jim Gold

Jim Gold serves as CEO, is a Founding Partner, a Board Member, and a member of the Executive leadership team at Steward Partners Global Advisory. The firm, with their professionals, deliver comprehensive wealth planning and investment strategy implementation, professional asset services, private banking, institutional consulting, international advisory, and business solutions. The company has grown to oversee approximately $25 billion in client’s assets under management.

In this podcast, Doug and Jim discuss the building of Steward Partners infrastructure and business model, setting the company up for monetary success and an array of benefits for their advisors. 

They also discussed:

  • The firm’s tremendous growth rate over the past few years and how their team achieved so many milestones in such a short period of time
  • The impact of the recent investment by Pritzker into the firm
  • Steward Partners having all of their advisors and employees be equity owners
  • What is driving the movement of advisors
  • How Steward draws advisors away from their competitors and through their doors
  • The key to leading a successful firm

Resources: Steward Partners Global Advisory

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