Benefits of Working with an Organization That Has Strong In-House Compliance with Mike Alsoraimi

Mike Alsoraimi is the Co-Chief Compliance Officer for Kingswood Group U.S., An SEC-registered RIA and a FINRA-licensed broker/dealer that offers comprehensive wealth management and business-building services designed specifically for the independent financial advisor

In today’s episode, Doug and Mike talk about the complexity of managing compliance across Kingswood’s two Broker-Dealers and two RIAs. They also discuss

  • The current state of compliance in the financial services industry
  • Whether it’s getting tougher or easier to “get things through compliance” 
  • Why it is important to automate the compliance process
  • Reg BI – who it affects, and who it helps
  • What regulators are looking for
  • What regulators mean by “active effort”
  • How advisors can communicate with their clients about regulation and how it exists to protect the investor

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