Becoming the Armor for Advisors with Michael Konialian

Michael Konialian is the CEO and Co-Founder of Modern Life. Modern Life is a tech enabled life insurance brokerage that knows innovation and insurance in equal measure.

Live from our fall Advisorpedia Podcast Pop-Up in New York City, Doug and Michael discuss Modern Life and its business of empowering advisors in their work distributing life insurance.

They also discussed:

  • The impact of COVID from both a sales and tech standpoint
  • The idea behind Modern Life, the road to get to where it is, and knowing when it was valuable to launch 
  • Empowering the advisor
  • If the advisors choice of brokerage matters to their clients in this business
  • The meaning behind being a tech enabled brokerage
  • What Modern Life is doing to improve on the Tech experience
  • The journey of building a concept and seeing it launch into success

Resources: Modern Life

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