Are There Investment Opportunities as a Result of Inflation?

Many Americans are feeling the effects of inflation in the market. What can you do with your money right now to help combat inflation now and in the future?

There may be investment opportunities available now as a result of inflation to give you an edge in this market.

In this episode, Greg DuPont and John McConnell share some tactics that may be able to help you offset, and potentially beat inflation with your investing. Greg and John explain that there may be some ticking time bombs that you should watch out for and share how you can address inflation within your portfolio.

Greg and John discuss:

  • Tactics for investing to combat rising inflation rates
  • The rule of 72 and how it relates to investing with inflation in mind
  • Whether you should scale back your spending now
  • The ticking time bomb inside of conservative and moderate portfolios
  • And more!

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