Are Industry Awards a Load of Crap? with Jason Lahita

Have you ever wondered if getting an industry award is actually meaningful, or if it’s just a rigged system?

Well, they might be more useful than you think…

In this episode, Ryan Shanks speaks with Jason Lahita, founding partner of Street Cred PR to discuss all things about industry awards and how they can actually be very beneficial. Jason discusses how industry awards can be used not only for personal gain, but even to leverage your business and bring in new clients.

Jason discusses:

  • How Jason got into the PR and communications industry
  • The ways Jason’s past experience in the navy have shaped him and contributed to his business outlook
  • Credibility marketing, what it means, and how it can help you grow your business
  • How winning industry awards can bring publicity and attention not only to you, but also to your business
  • And more

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