Applying the Principles of Navy SEAL Training to the Business Arena With Jeff Byers

NOTE: This episode may contain explicit language. Be advised.

The Special Ops that Navy SEALs perform are short and intense, with little room for error. Can their principles be applied to the business world?

Jeff Byers, the co-founder of OP2 Labs and former US Navy SEAL, says yes.

In this episode, Chuck Hollander talks to Jeff to discuss his transition from his role in the Navy to now managing his own company. Jeff shares how he found success in his business using his experience as a former SEAL, the mistakes he made while starting out, and ways he overcame them.

Jeff discusses:

  • The importance of clearly defining your desired outcomes
  • How frequent debriefings keep you from repeating your mistakes and encourage accountability
  • The competitive mindset that motivates every member to strive for excellence
  • The key to hiring the right team using your limited resources
  • And more!