A Resource For Women Advisors Everywhere

femXadvisor started with a goal of coaching advisors on marketing to women, but since then it has evolved into so much more, and truly become a necessary resource for female advisors all over the country. 

In this episode, Adri dives into how femXadvisor started, and how it has helped both men and women to truly understand the importance of an empowering female designed business model to best engage female advisors to fearlessly embrace their authentic selves. 

Adri discusses:

  • Her vision when starting the company in 2004
  • What prompted Adri to work with female advisors
  • Difficulties and challenges she faced in her career
  • The types of advisors femXadvisor attracts 
  • The importance of creating a tribal market that works with your company goals 
  • femXadvisor’s “Tiffany Box Process” 
  • And more

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