7 Neuromarketing Tips That Can Make Your Marketing Wickedly Effective

If your marketing materials aren’t as effective as you’d like, I have good news:  A bunch of nerdy neuroscientists figured out how to make your marketing shoot straight into your prospects’ brains.

Not only will this make you unforgettable, but it also makes your prospects ancy to sign up for your services. 

In this episode, you’ll discover 7 neuromarketing tips that make your marketing wickedly effective and how to apply them. 

Want more people begging to become your client? Listen now. 

Show highlights include:

  • The “Serial Position Effect” discovered by neuroscientists for making every marketing campaign more profitable (1:33) 
  • How to use your prospects’ natural cognitive biases to “ethically force” them to sign up for your financial services (1:52) 
  • The special “Layers” trick for instantly making your financial services more demanded and valuable (3:47) 
  • Why acting like a doctor boosts your clients’ success (and lines your pockets) (5:39) 
  • The missing “P ingredient” in your marketing that makes all your benefits and features fall on deaf ears (6:30) 
  • How to activate your prospects’ “Greed Glands” so they beg you to become your client (8:39) 
  • Why adding a picture of yourself at Disney World to your website effortlessly magnetizes your ideal clients (15:13) 
  • The “Textural Adjective” tactic for transforming your worst-performing marketing materials into your new control (17:55)