5 Things to Know Before Filing Your 2021 Taxes

It’s that time of year! The deadline for filing your 2021 taxes is quickly approaching. Do you have your taxes figured out?

When we say “having your taxes figured out,” we don’t mean just for the past year. If you want to optimize your overall tax picture, you need to look at your total lifetime taxes.

In this episode, Jeremy Keil gleans meaningful insights from The Wall Street Journal Tax Guide 2022. He shares key things you need to keep in mind while filing your 2021 taxes and ways to minimize your overall taxes in retirement.

Jeremy discusses:

  • How to manage your withdrawals from different accounts for a better tax outcome
  • How to avoid potential penalties using quarterly estimated tax payments
  • Gifting strategies to reduce capital gains taxes and estate taxes
  • Various tax limits, deductions, and exemptions you should know about
  • And more

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