5 Strategies To Get More People To Attend Your Events

Have you ever had tons of people register for your event, but then, only a few people actually show up? 

It’s frustrating. Especially when you’ve prepared a Crazy Good Talk®. 

Help is here! Whether you’re an advisor, thought leader, or executive, this episode is for you. Deirdre Van Nest talks with Brad Swineheart, senior vice president of business development at WhiteGlove. As an expert in marketing, Brad shares five strategic ways that will increase your event attendance to ultimately get you more appointments.

Brad discusses: 

  • What to ask yourself before you spend a dollar on your marketing event
  • Why timing is everything when it comes to your events, meetings, and marketing campaigns for prospects
  • Why creating a barrier to entry for every registration actually increases attendance
  • Surefire ways to turn registrants into attendees with a follow-up sequence
  • And more

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