4 KPIs to Measure Productivity and to Actually Track Efficiency

When I’m coaching advisors, one of the top goals they share is that they want to become more efficient.

So I ask, what does working more efficiently look like for you? How will you know when you’ve arrived there? Is it just a feeling? Do you have an overwhelm scale? How do you actually measure efficiency? It’s one of those things that can be hard to measure… but I figured it out!

In today’s episode I’m going to share with you some KPIs that actually measure if your practice is becoming more productive. These easy-to-track things are what I used in my business to measure success in the efficiency category.

I did all of my goal setting around these 4 productivity KPIs. Seriously. That is it. I didn’t really set goals for revenue, or inflows, or new clients. In my mind, those were all things I could INFLUENCE, but at the end of the day I didn’t actually have any control over. The only thing you can control is your actions.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use these other metrics for growth or business planning… you do you… but, I’d like to offer up a couple of more unique KPIs that could enhance your business planning and help you to measure if you’re actually being more productive in the time that you are in the office.

AND - today I’m going to share with you a downloadable version of this KPI tracker. I haven’t done a free download in a while so HERE YOU GO! Listen in, and I’ll tell you where to go to grab this KPI Cheat Sheet.

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