3 Popular Myths That Stop Advisors From Starting a Podcast

Do you have fears that hold you back from starting a podcast? 

Or, maybe without realizing it, you believe in three myths that discourage too many advisors from podcasting. 

In this episode, Matt and Kirk bust the most common myths about podcasting wide open! As relatable and candid as ever, they reflect on their own experiences as new podcasters to talk about how they’ve improved. Matt and Kirk also reveal statistics and client outcomes that turn these myths on their head. 

You will learn:

  • How to overcome the initial fear of starting a podcast 
  • Why your perceived weaknesses will most likely be your biggest strengths as a podcaster
  • What stats show about podcasting’s growth potential in the coming years 
  • 8 reasons why podcasting is a game-changer for experts
  • And more!

Listen now to slay the biggest myths that are keeping you from rising above the noise!

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