3 Must-Do Action Items For Advisors in 2023

New year new me, right? Everyone says that, but let’s be honest, who actually does anything about it?

Well, on today’s podcast, I’m going to give you 3 must-do-action items to shorten your sales cycle, create new leads out of nowhere, and nurture these leads on autopilot.

You’re probably sick of me saying this, but… Number 1 — Get an email autoresponder! 

Now, I’m not going to reveal the other 2 strategies. But I will say this, these strategies will instantly (and effortlessly) boost your pool of clients. After implementing these 2 strategies, you’ll be able to find clients easier, and have more of them. 

In this episode, I reveal exactly how to work less, and earn more in 2023. Listen now. 

Show highlights include:

  • 50% of investors are vetting their financial advisors on (this platform) according to a new survey from Hartford Funds (2:10)
  • The “Law of Large Numbers” secret to close 100 clients (and never send out thousands of unread, unwanted, and embarrassing cold emails again) (3:15)
  • How having less than 1,000 followers helps you bookbooks you more sales calls than having 10,000 followers because of “MTMM” (5:12)
  • The best free market research tool ever made (it unlocks the key to understanding everything about your best clients) (7:57)
  • HateDon’t like “chasing” prospects? Here’s a strategy to get them to raise their hands, say they’re interested, and chase you insteaddown automatically (9:20)
  • The “stranger on an airplane” secret to attract potential clients to you like a magnet (16:13)

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