10 Strategies To Tame and Maintain Your Inbox

I have a secret. A couple years ago, when I was running my planning practice,… I had over 2,800 emails in my inbox. I used my inbox for storage, as a to do list, and all the other things you are not supposed to do.

I know what you’re thinking… but you’re the “efficient advisor!?!” How could this incongruency happen!?!

While systems and processes are kinda my thing... my inbox was something I could never really get control of. I was so deep in it I couldn’t see the way out… it was my dirty little secret.

Until I met Amber – The Productivity Specialist.

Amber gave me some simple strategies to TAME and then also MAINTAIN my inbox. I knew I had to share these tools with my advisor friends because it TRANSFORMED by inbox, which has made me not just more productive… but also less stressed!

What you’ll discover in this episode:

  •  5 steps to TAME your current inbox (if it is like mine was!)
  • 5 simple email decisions to MAINTAIN your inbox
  •  The problem with checking your email and what to do INSTEAD

This is one of my first video interviews from 2018. I feel like Disney re-releasing something from “the vault.”

But, it's a classic because it's impactful and it WORKS!

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