Welcome to the Digit-Drome. Where Were You?

Did you not know this was coming at some point sooner than later?

You had to be paying attention to the power of the social media world: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram

Did you not pay attention to NETFLIX’s brilliant pivot and the rush to streaming television? What would we all be doing without Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + and the rest?

We’re you not watching your kids and their habits. They’re better on their devices than we are. You should have been preparing for THAT generation anyway!

Look how much revenue FORTNITE had last year — in the billions — and what your kids spend on it? I know what mine does. And you know what, I don’t mind it. Some time you should watch along and discover the skill it takes to be good, the teamwork and strategy they need to win. And there’s dancing!

It shouldn’t have taken a pandemic to awaken the business world to the Digitdrome … and it has seemed to at first blush. There is some movement. There’s desperation. And there’s also disappointment.

Watch the interview with Tim Hughes as I also cover the six lessons we should be learning during this time and how to apply them to your business and life.

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