In the past year ...
Companies had all the time in the world to figure out how to connect with and prospect Advisors in a digital world.
The same for Advisors. 
They had all the time in the world to connect with clients and prospects. 
In new ways.
New mediums.
And many did.
And many did not.
That time is coming to an end. 

The world is opening up. 
The sun is coming out.
People are tired of getting the absurd screen time notification on their Sunday phones.
Travel is back.
People are alive again.
Excited to lift their heads up and look ahead.

Sales and prospecting is certainly not going back to the way it was. 
Plane rides …
Golf rounds ...
Drinks …
There is little time for these games anymore.

Time and life became even more valuable. 

All this made for a smarter world … on both side of the equations.
Buyers and sellers. 
We evolved.
And it happened so quickly. 

The big question is who figured it out?
Who thought ahead?
Who was ready?
Who will win?

Isn’t this going to be fun!
Tick Tock.


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