Editor’s Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

If you can accurately forecast your income, it gives you a feeling of confidence. If you can’t, it can really sap your confidence. Brett Davidson provides How Advisors Can Track Their Pipeline Properly.

Elinor Stutz says the first step to successful selling is to realize that each person’s set of experiences will produce a variety of perspectives. Learn more in Do You Use The Psychology of Selling?

A century or two ago, industries would shrink and disappear over decades, while others arose at a similar pace. Today, consumer preferences change before our eyes. John Mauldin shares Where the Jobs Aren’t.

Dan Sondhelm writes firms that spend this time building personalized, end-to-end digital strategies are more likely to emerge from our current environment with a significant competitive advantage. Read more in COVID-19 is Accelerating the Need for a Digital Marketing Transformation.

Jessica Welch give us ideas on how to innovate your own company to the point of industry disruption in 3 Lessons in Industry-Disrupting Innovation.

Broadridge shares that more than half of financial services companies plan to accelerate implementation of their next generation technology strategies. More details in Financial Services Firms Accelerating Technology Transformation to Navigate the Pandemic.

What does it mean to be an ally? What are some ways that you can be more inclusive in your workplace? Listen to Matt Halloran and Julie Kratz discuss How to Be an Ally in a White Male-Dominated Workplace.

What do you do when the help your client needs isn’t very profitable for you? Paul Kingsman answers it in Do Your Small Clients Want Big Attention?

Everyone would like more of their client’s business, but few are willing to invest the time and effort to do what it actually takes. Andrew Sobel gives us Want More Share of Wallet? Grow Your Share of Mind.