Editor’s Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

Jason Pereira says that while portfolio management is a scalable business, financial planning is not. He makes the case of Why Advisors Should Serve Fewer Clients.

Advisors who don’t make their website accessible to people with disabilities will miss out on a $21 billion market. Listen to Matt Halloran and Natalie Hadley explain more in How to Make Your Advisor Website Accessible to People With Disabilities.

Maintaining your motivation throughout the year is always a challenge, and the COVID-19 situation can enhance the already existing challenge to losing focus. Susan Danzig provides 5 Tips to Support a Positive Mindset for Growing Your Advisory.

Shauna Mace says there is a downside of thinking big. She explains her case in Why Financial Advisors Should Think Small ... to Grow Big.

Investing is a lot like dealing with the monsters hiding in the closet. James E. Wilson asks investors if they Are You Confusing Scary and Dangerous?

Find out the top five aspects investors look for in a Financial Advisor in Catherine McBreen's Ranking Advisor Attributes by Investor Preference.

There is one industry that remains not just up and running, but perhaps stronger than before. Check out Peter Minkoff's 5 Reasons Why the Fitness Industry Is Actually Thriving During Covid-19.

COVID-19 is nothing to be grateful for.  This pandemic has cost the world a great deal of pain, and we are not out of the woods yet. Matt Miller asks us a great question in Is COVID-19 a Prison or Did It Set You Free?

There is uncertainty about how the pandemic will play out and whether we will go back to “normal” ever again. Jay Mooreland says how you respond to The Rest of 2020 Will Be Based on Your Purposeful Habits.