Editor’s Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

Ron Carson shares how he came up with came up with the concept of Love Affair Marketing in The Power in Pivotal Moments: What Turning Points Can Teach Advisors in a Post-Pandemic World.

A marketing organization that has a strategy with these three elements is miles ahead of other organizations. Roy Osing gives us This Is How to Build an Amazing Marketing Machine.

As many companies are rocked by a simultaneous health crisis and an economic contraction, sales cycles are getting disrupted. Andrew Sobel outlines nine helpful strategies in How to Accelerate Your Sales Cycle.

In Words Matter: How the Lexicon of Financing Hinders Minority and Women Entrepreneurs,  Maya Tussing says we need to focus on how language can make it or break it for minority and women-founded businesses.

Rob Isbitts says there are 5 key features of any successful, sustainable investment approach: being adaptive, flexible, disciplined, rational, and humble. Read more in What Investing Through 5 Bear Markets Has Taught Me About This One.

As we reasonably deal with the Coronavirus, we are also in need of creatively adapting to future business. Elinor Stutz asks Are You Creatively Adapting To Future Business?

Whatever your passion may be, it’s time you awaken it within you. Jessica Welch provides us all a much needed shot in How To Enliven Your Passion to Guide Your Career.

Ross Levin says we can’t say we can do better. We have to simply do better. He gets personal in George Floyd and Systemic Change for Financial Services.

Lexie Lu writes a great article in 10 Ways to Create a Sustainable Business Model Your Customers Will Want to Support.