Editor’s Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

Paul Taylor says that this was the chance to prove that remote work actually works. Find out how we did in Death By Zoom: Have We Failed The Mass Home Working Experiment?

Terrell Gates write about something we are wondering about, What Happens Next in Commercial Real Estate?

Elizabeth Harr says that certain patterns that began emerging 3-5 years ago that have not only prevailed, but are likely to stay. Read more in Digital Disruption: Keeping Your Business Alive and Relevant.

Rick Kahler asks what is reasonable to expect from the real estate market in Buying or Selling Your Home in COVID-19 Economic Uncertainty.

Andrew Sobel has been bombarded by articles about how we have to dramatically change business development. Find out why he's confused in Is Virtual Selling Really Different? Here Are the Facts.

Catherine McBreen says financial advisors invariably ask themselves one question which nags at them as they try to attract new business; Is There Value in a Financial Advisor Being a Pest?

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith gives us eleven guidelines that are intended to help you do a better job of influencing decision makers. Get all of those in How to Influence Decision Makers.

Roy Osing asks what separates the individual who has a rewarding career from those that merely show up for work every day and leave unsatisfied? Find out in This Is What Hungry People Do for Success.

Finally, Patrick Watson weighs in on The Great Reopening Gamble. Enjoy!