11 Most Read Advisorpedia Articles of the Week!

1. Prepare For The Crash of 2020?

Right now, with central banks going ALL IN, it’s the fear of missing out which reigns supreme. But money managers are nervous. — Leo Kolivakis

2. Profit Warning => Profit Taking

While the reaction in the markets has been negative, the warning was hardly unexpected which may suggest we’re just seeing some opportunistic profit taking. — Craig Erlam

3. Are High-Yield Returns Predictable? Key Metric Suggests Yes

Stubbornly low interest rates still have many investors reaching far and wide for yield. But for others, high-yield corporate bonds are a bridge too far. Are they too risky? — Alliance Bernstein

4. Dow 26,616 Will Freak Out Your Friends. But You Can Capitalize On It.

Let’s get right to the point: the stock market has created a lot of fake enthusiasm since early 2018. I say that because at that point, the long bull market that started in 2009 stalled. — Rob Isbitts

5. Leveraging Intangible Capital with Bryce Coward

Why Knowledge Leaders seeks out the most highly innovative companies they can find all over the globe. — Power Your Advice

6. 4 Steps to Avoid the Commoditization Trap and Justify Your Fees

Technological innovations like robo-advisors, such as WealthFront, and do-it-yourselfer tools like Financial Engines, SigFig, JemStep and others are forcing advisors to find new ways to deliver value and justify their fees. — Don Connelly

7. Suppose You Treated LinkedIn Connections Like Clients?

If you are active on LinkedIn, you have hundreds or even thousands of first level connections. Imagine they are prospects or reassigned accounts, back in the days before fee based accounts and recurring revenue were invented. — Bryce Sanders

8. Are You Building A Framework For Your Authority?

You build your framework on top of your big idea, your foundation, the reason why you’re doing this: the transformation you’re jonesing to produce in your clients, your buyers and your audience. — Rochelle Moulton

9. How to Predict a Recession

With multiple indicators that point to market anxiety, including the recent coronavirus outbreak that has stoked fears of a slowing economy in China, recession speculation always makes the various media circuits and market watchdogs. — Nikki-Lee Birdsey

10. How to Align Your Values With Your Investing

When you align your financial plans with your personal values, it becomes much easier to achieve your goals. — Peter Raskin

11. Earning Trust and Winning Business Means Allowing the Investor to Drive

Winning new business is a delicate dance of positioning yourself, engaging your audience and earning a significant amount of trust in a very short period of time. — Douglas Heikkinen