11 Most Read Advisorpedia Articles of the Week!

1. Is the Disconnect Between the Economy and the Stock Market Justified?

Behavioral finance incorporates elements of psychology to explain the actual behavior of investors and the subsequent effect on markets, in contrast to traditional finance which posits purely rational investors and efficient markets. — Samantha Azzarello

2. How The Single-Family Rental Industry Has Become Reliable For Investors

The single-family rental industry was falling behind the multi-family rental market, however, things continue to change and investors are seeing it as a valuable asset class. — David Cariani

3. Will Independent Voters Be Influenced By The Economy?

High Net Worth investors are influenced by the same factors as the rest of the electorate.  At the beginning of 2020, investors were optimistic about the economy and their financial futures.  That all changed when the pandemic came to the U.S. and the economy was shut down to slow the spread of the virus. — Catherine McBreen

4. Look Outside the S&P 500 for Today’s Biggest Winners

When you own the S&P 500, you own them all. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should blacklist the S&P completely. A huge chunk of my personal portfolio is invested in a handful of great individual stocks within the S&P. — Stephen McBride

5. Why Advisors Need to Define Their Market

You want to know where wealthy people live, since they are your likely prospects.  For the “Where you live” advisor, you want to find the right towns and neighborhoods.  For the “Where you work” advisor, you want to get home address information to drip market to the executives in those downtown office towers. — Bryce Sanders

6. Why You Should Look for Stocks Climbing Out of a “Big Base”

Today I’m going to show you a trading tactic so simple, yet so reliable, it’ll allow you to predict when certain stocks will skyrocket days or even weeks in advance. — Justin Spittler

7. Straight From The Sports World, A Helpful Investing Tool

Covid-19 temporarily put most professional sports on hiatus. When they came back, we were again treated to world-class athleticism, performed at speeds well beyond what most of us can do. But there is a lot that goes into that on-field product, behind the scenes. — Rob Isbitts

8. How To Build Your Best Reputation

There is no question that having a good reputation, whether personally or as a business, is an important key to success. In fact, a quick search of any number of business sites reinforces the same thing, “a good reputation is important because it can help distinguish you from competitors, and it is often the deciding factor in whether someone chooses you over them.” — Paulette Filion and Judy Paradi 

9. Is Spending Time On Social Media Worth It for Financial Advisors Who Have Little to No Followers?

Think about how you connect with new people yourself- if somebody sends you a connection request, you're likely to click on their profile and look and see who they are, what their background is, what they do and look at what they have shared, right? — Samantha Russell

10. Financial Advisors: Don't Go Fishing in the Forest

Regardless of who your target market clients are, figure out where they go to research choices and get information. Figure out where and how they connect with the other people in that target market segment. — Tony Vidler

11. 3 Examples of Verbal Violence You Must Avoid

Trainwreck. Debacle. Shitshow. Just a few of the monikers journalists used to describe last week’s US Presidential debate. Even the most ardent members of the President’s inner circle, the very individuals who prepped him for the event, said he came out “too hot.” — Achim Nowak