11 Most Read Advisorpedia Articles of the Week!

1. It’s Time to Invest in This New Type of Stock

To double or triple your money in months, all you have to do is apply these three magic words. Identify something BIG and NEW. And invest in it EARLY. Here’s an example: remember back in 2018 when the US government effectively legalized marijuana? This was a huge deal: A whole new industry was born practically overnight! — Stephen McBride

2. Do US Elections Matter for Equity Investors?

Investors are anxious as the US elections draw near. Although politics haven’t mattered much for equity returns in the past, things could change this time because several powerful trends that developed over recent decades have set the stage for this year’s explosive political agenda. — Richard Brink and Walk Czaicki

3. A Huge Bond Buying Opportunity is Coming

Here we go again. After plunging to new lows, the calls for the end of the “bond bull” market mount each time rates rise. Is this time the end of the “bond bull?” Or, is there another huge bond-buying opportunity to come? — Lance Roberts

4. The Best Practice Management Idea You Will Ever Read

You won't find this idea in a book course or workshop. You won't find this idea at a seminar. Not even at a course or the Internet. In fact, you won't get this information from top performers, but you will find the best idea ever in your own practice with your own clients. It will change the way you think. It will change your business strategies. It will make you take a close look at what you are doing right and what you need to improve on. — Grant Hicks

5. How Will the U.S. Election Impact International Markets?

Since early September, all eyes have been on the upcoming U.S. election. Its twists and turns have not only been affecting domestic markets, but also international markets, especially via the U.S. dollar. Its impact has come from two main sources: 1) the uncertainty around the timing of the election result, and 2) the outcome of the election itself and its potential impact on international policy. Ultimately, global currencies have been reacting to whether uncertainty is being dialed up or dialed down. — Gabriela Santos

6. 3 Things Investors Should Not Do Before the Election

What industries will benefit if Trump wins. What about if Biden wins? What if the White House and Congress are controlled by the same party? What if the NY Jets win the Super Bowl? OK, strike that last one. We are sticking with real-world outcomes here. — Rob Isbitts

7. Is Netflix Stock a Buy Post 10% Fall Since Q3 Earnings?

Investors need to take advantage of the recent pullback in Netflix stock and buy the stock at a lower valuation. Netflix continues to remain a market leader in the streaming space and has significant potential to grow in international markets of Asia, Latin America and Europe. — Finscreener

8. When Everyone Asks Your Wealthy Client for Money

You are generous.  Your clients are generous.  The non-profits in your area are world class at cultivating donors, asking for large contributions to worthy causes.  You’ve helped get your retired clients into a position of financial independence.  They have enough assets to hopefully last their lifetime, but not if they insist on giving big chunks away.  How can you help your clients without being “The Grinch that Stole Christmas?” — Bryce Sanders

9. To Grow a Successful Wealth Management Business, First Focus on the “Business”

Stop and ask yourself this question, and answer honestly.  Are you a good financial advisor, or are you a good business leader?  Many of you would pick one or the other, some of you would say yes to both, and a few of you might ask “what’s the difference”.  The simple fact is that over the span of my career, the one constant characteristic I’ve seen in very successful wealth management practices is a leader who possess the strategic and tactical wherewithal, or has surrounded himself/herself with right personnel, to run a powerful business. — Derek Bruton

10. Best Execution and Selection of Mutual Fund Share Classes for Clients

In 2019, the SEC closed its mutual funds share class selection disclosure initiative. This initiative allowed investment advisers to self-report to the SEC instances where they failed to disclose conflicts of interest and to implement reasonably designed policies and procedures relating to the selection of mutual fund share classes for clients. The SEC communicated that they would go easy on the advisers who self-reported vs. those who did not self-report. — Charles Black

11. Do Annuities Deserve a Bad Rap? Here Are Their Pros and Cons

This helps you sort through the wildly differing opinions about annuities. Keith dives into the different types of annuities, consumers’ top concerns about using them, and why economists tout them as a sensible way to provide safe income in retirement. — Keith Beggs