11 Most Read Advisorpedia Articles of the Week!

1. Why You Should Focus on Growth Stocks Today

People are drawn to “cheap” stocks for the same reason they flock to the Macy’s clearance rack. It feels good to get a deal. Americans love nothing more than getting lots of “bang for their buck.” — Justin Spittler

2. Referrals Do Not Get Advisors To the Next Level

In the wealth management industry, there is a myth that top financial advisors only build their business by referral. It is a myth because elite advisors know that a client with 1 million invested, does not usually refer someone with 5 million. Someone with 5 million does not usually refer someone with 25 million. So how do financial professionals grow 3 or 4 or 5 times with the same type of clients? — Grant Hicks

3. Hunting For Value In S&P 500 Sectors

Is it a stock market, or a market of stocks? So goes the old Wall Street expression. In our sound-bite lives, even an observant investor could be excused for not realizing how uneven the returns have been among the 11 sectors of the S&P 500. — Rob Isbitts

4. What Impact Will the US Election Have on Markets?

Number one, historically elections have not mattered to markets or to the economy, not on average over a very long period of time, but we believe they matter a great deal today. Now, the reason for that is probably beyond the scope of this video, but it leads me to number two. Then, what should I be focused on immediately that will be influenced by election outcomes? — Richard Brink

5. Climbing Out of the COVID-Induced Economic and Market Valley

When we started 2020, we believed the economy was strong. This recession wasn’t caused by deteriorating economic fundamentals. Rather, COVID-19 and its subsequent severe disruptions to our daily lives triggered the recession. — Brett Schutte

6. How Recruitment Technology Drives Human Connection with Ryan Shanks

Ryan Shanks, co-founder of FA Match, discusses recruitment technology and gives us insight into the landscape of recruiting. What is it? Who’s looking for talent? What kind of talent is out there? — Discovery Data

7. Why It’s Critical for Financial Advisors to Build Online Influence

The most significant transfer of wealth between generations is underway right now. For Financial Advisors, it could be an extraordinary opportunity, or it could threaten their very survival. Ultimately, it’s a matter of trust. — Don Connelly

8. Can Outsourcing Help Future-Proof Your Practice for The (Next) New Normal?

The nature of market volatility this year is unprecedented, having been caused by a pandemic the likes of which has not been seen in over 100 years. You might think that being asked to excel at managing bespoke portfolios (performing research, selecting investment vehicles, hands-on portfolio management, rebalancing, and tax optimization) in times like these—all while cultivating client relationships and growing your practice—would require superhuman ability. And you’d be right. — Kevin McCrossin

9. Are Investors Using Social Media for Financial Purposes?

Social media is deeply embedded in the fabric of our society, with many millions of people accessing various social media platforms regularly.   One area that has been slow to warm up to social media is the financial industry.  There is a great deal of regulation and record-keeping that is involved in the financial sector, so interacting on social media has been something many firms stay away from simply due to the lack of accountability or suitability of audience on a social media platform. — Catherine McBreen

10. 3 Reasons for the Erosion of Moral Discernment: The Dark Side of Fiduciary

Fiduciary responsibility has always been a high standard, but recent industry changes have caused the standard to be less than exemplary. But, that’s about to change. — Don Trone

11. How Digital Marketing Collapsed Under Covid-19

Digital advertising has a 98.81% failure rate and based on the amount of money that is spent on digital advertising, that means that $265 Billion is wasted on digital advertising every year. – Timothy Hughes