11 Most Read Advisorpedia Articles of the Week!

1. 12 Reasons Investors Really Need Advisors

It’s the curse of bull markets.  People think “Investing is easy.  Anyone can do it.”  Eliminating the middleman. Advisors bring value, often in ways investors don’t realize until they’ve made some mistakes.  Your challenge is getting the message through. — Bryce Sanders

2. Before Bragging That You Treat Women the Same as Men, Consider This

Are you Guilty of Bias? Read this before you answer We likely can all agree that it’s been an interesting six months since our lives were derailed by Covid-19.  Besides everything else, all of us had to rethink how to do business in isolation and under social distancing rules. — Paulette Filion and Judy Paradi

3. The Investor-Advisor Relationship In 2020

In the last two decades the relationships between investors and their financial professionals has changed significantly.  Technology has played a critical role in these changes.  By allowing investors greater access to information, investors have changed the expectations they have of financial advisors. — Catherine McBreen

4. Investors Will See Wall Street-Triggered Global Sell-Off as Buying Opportunity

Although tech stocks bore the brunt of Wall Street’s sell-off, the digital revolution that’s taking place right now, with our daily lives becoming ever more digitalised at a staggering speed, means tech will remain one of the mega-trends for investors for the foreseeable future. — George Prior

5. The Formula for Advisors to Catch Leads

Nature is our greatest teacher. After spending a couple weeks on a small lake in Vermont this summer, I saw how fishing provides a framework for prospecting – the process of finding and converting a lead to client. — Shaun Mace

6. What’s Wrong With Advisors Offering Peace of Mind?

Many advisors say that ultimately what they offer clients is peace of mind. And it’s undermining their business development goals. It actually makes you invisible. — Stephen Wershing

7. Six Ways To Make Your Business Presentations Stand Out

As an entrepreneur, I understand your passion when pitching your solution to investors and customers, but passion alone won’t make one more technology pitch stand out above all the rest. — Martin Zwilling

8. Warren Buffett Is Buying Japan. Why You Should Consider It Too.

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway made news this week when they disclosed their latest investment. The giant conglomerate now owns about 5% of the outstanding shares of 5 Japanese trading companies. Or, as they call them in Japan, sogo shosha. — Rob Isbitts

9. Going Independent? Launch Timeline and Costs for a New Website and Social Media

In 2019, 44,000 advisors left broker-dealers while fewer than 40,000 joined the industry last year. Even though a large number of financial advisors are still registered with FINRA, the organization is losing traction in the BD channel. — Samantha Russell

10. 10 Things That Make a Successful Financial Advisor Business Plan

Financial Advisers know all too well, the power of planning – and see the impact of it every day with their clients achieving greater outcomes as a result of their foresight to make a plan. Indeed, if there’s ever been a better time for an adviser to take their own medicine and create a business plan, it’s now! — Sue Viskovic

11. Is the Time Right for Real Estate?

Americans are voting in unprecedented numbers – with their feet. Nearly a third of people surveyed by Harris Research for USA Today confessed they’re thinking seriously about moving to someplace new – as if to say, “If I’m going to be sheltering-in-place, I might as well get comfortable.” — John Drachman