11 Most Read Advisorpedia Articles of the Week!

1. Why Fixed Income Investors Should Pay Attention to the FOMC Policy Change

Moving through the pandemic recovery and current recession with rates as low as they are, the discounting of future risk in the capital markets is still being estimated. However, if rates remain lower for longer, credit risk becomes the place where an investor can find relative value by doing a little homework and where a professional asset management team can bring experience to bear. — Tracey Nolte

2. Should You Invest in Ant Group’s IPO?

Ant Group – which I will shorten to Ant from now on, as it’s easier – is not a bank. It has a bank, MyBank, but it’s not a financial firm. It’s not an investment firm. It’s not a savings firm. It’s not even a payments company … it’s a technology provider. — Chris Skinner

3. Investors Views on the Election and the Stock Market

Predicting the stock market is something that many people attempt to do, but few are accurate with.  Wealthy investors often predict where they believe the stock market will end up after the presidential election and the impact to the economy after the election. — Catherine McBreen

4. These Three Stocks Could Magnify S&P 500’s Gains in Case It Rallies

The Technology, Communication Services and Consumer Discretionary sectors were relatively the strongest in the last 30 days. So that part of our ten long and short stock picks is meant to outperform in the coming days if the broad stock market acts similarly as it did before. — Paul Rejczak

5. Prospecting Has Never Been Easier...For Some!

Prospecting seems to remain the biggest day to day business problem for financial advisers, yet prospecting has never actually been easier. If you polled 100 advisers with this simple question I would wager that more than half would answer: “getting enough new business prospects to meet my business objectives”. — Tony Vidler

6. How Would Firms Manage a Stay at Home Salesforce?

Are we living in the new reality?  There’s lots of talk about financial advisors working remotely post pandemic.  There’s lots of good reasons, primarily focused on public health.  Will it be safe to return to offices with bullpen layouts?  What about clients coming into the office?  Without answers, advisors working remotely sounds like a logical alternative.  This solution provides it’s own set of challenges. — Bryce Sanders

7. Why Going 100% Virtual Gives Business Owners More Freedom and Flexibility

Many business owners have had to shift to a temporary virtual model during COVID-19. Is it possible that switching permanently to a virtual office would allow you to serve clients while giving you the freedom and flexibility you’ve been wanting? — Matthew DiFrancesco

8. The Cartoon World Has the Financial Greats Perplexed

What do the following great investor minds, ranked in no particular order, have in common? — Rey Descalso

9. The Single Most Groundbreaking Disruption

America’s top researchers were stumped. How do you teach a computer to “see?” By 2012, technology had advanced a great deal. For $199 you could buy a tiny supercomputer called the iPhone 5. You could talk to it—and it would talk back. It could hail you a cab, give you driving directions, or play a movie. You could even video call someone living on the other side of the world for practically free. — Stephen McBride

10. How To Smoothly Transition Existing Clients to a New Advisor

This is a challenge for many advisors when their business is growing. They either don’t know the words to say, or they lack the conviction for starting the process because they get overly concerned imagining how disappointed some of the clients they’ve been working with are going to feel working with another advisor. — Paul Kingsman

11. How Nasdaq Could Climb Another 15%This Year

Stock market history offers a clue to potential upside, albeit with plenty of risk. Sometimes I get mistaken for being a bearish investor. That’s probably because I am the guy in the room who is always speaking about risk-management. I think that makes me a hedged investor! — Rob Isbitts