11 Most Read Advisorpedia Articles of the Week!

1. Value Stocks over Growth Stocks ... or More of the Same?

Over the last few weeks there has been quite a bit of chatter among strategists about whether the market is undergoing a sustainable rotation into “value” stocks from “growth” stocks. — Bryce Coward

2. Microsoft Buying TikTok: Why This Is The Biggest Tech Buy Of The Century

With such event, Microsoft will eventually outscale Amazon within the tech sector, a sector which Amazon is reaching with Twitch and Prime Video (for now). — Paul Matthews

3. Introducing the Third Great Computing Superpower

We’re on the cusp of the third great computing revolution. I’m talking about the latest computing superpower: their ability to “see.” — Stephen McBride

4. Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors in the New Normal

In just a matter of a few months, the world of financial services has experienced a level of disruption that has changed everything that had been the norm for years. — Chris Lamoureux

5. Markets Have Outperformed When a President Seeks Reelection

The three months preceding the election are a crucial time. According to the presidential election cycle theory, when the market rose from July 31 to October 31, the incumbent party has tended to win the presidency. And when the market slumped, it’s the challenging party that’s been victorious. — Frank Holmes

6. If Biden Wins, Solar Stocks Could Go Ballistic

Presidential front-runner Joe Biden said this last month. He was talking about his blockbuster green energy spending plan. As you may have heard, Biden plans to spend $2 trillion on clean energy and infrastructure over four years if he becomes president. — Justin Spittler

7. Why Investors Are Sinking Their Fangs Into EM Tech Stocks

Everybody loves the big U.S. technology stocks, right? As a group, the best-known names of the West’s digital economy have outperformed the broader market for years now, and their exceptionalism has only been boosted by the COVID-19 environment, what with just about everybody staying home and putting their digital devices into overdrive. — Regina Chi

8. Are Mergers & Acquisitions Back?

Uncertainty is tough on markets, and we have had lots of that. A global pandemic, social unrest, and now, we’re less 100 days from the presidential election. — Sal Bruno

9. Can Value Stocks Recover Without Help from Financials?

Growing challenges to bank returns during the pandemic have weighed on recovery hopes for value stocks. But our research of Japan’s experience and global value trends suggests value stocks don’t necessarily need financials to turn the corner. — Avi Lavignes

10. Now Is the Time To Take More Risk

Stated simply with all the uncertainty what do you have to lose taking more risk. In addition, there are lots opportunities in areas permanently affected by the pandemic. Home delivery, virtual technology, on-line shopping are examples of booming businesses. — Bert Shlensky

11. 3 Keys to Dealing with Difficult Prospects

Take what a prospect gives you. The key here is you need to listen! If you do, then you can respond to what they tell you and get more information and learn the direction you need to go in. — Mike Brooks