11 Most Read Advisorpedia Articles of the Week!

1. 5 Skills You Need to Work Entirely Online as a Financial Advisor

Times are changing, and suddenly we have all been thrust onto the online space, whether we were prepared or not. While the country is slowly opening back up despite the increasing number of covid19 cases, many businesses are choosing to stay remote, and people are still wary about office meetings. — Don Connelly

2. 5 Tips to Improve Your Team Pipeline After Covid19

We’re now living in a new world, where digital transformation isn’t just an option for leading companies; it’s a requirement for survival. The good news is that change doesn’t have to be a bad thing. — Roman Shovkun

3. How to Maximize Your Chances When Talking Business With HNW Friends

You have that very wealthy friend who could be a very good client.  You are waiting for the right moment to bring up business.  Don’t forget to consider the bigger picture. — Bryce Sanders

4. Will the Corporate Borrowing Binge Cause Lasting Damage?

US investment-grade corporate issuance has topped US$1 trillion year to date, putting it on track to plow through previous annual records. What are the real long-term effects of this explosive balance sheet growth? — Susan Hutman

5. What Financial Advisors Can Learn From Trump's Twitterverse

The way you describe what you do can be more interesting. It need not be as incendiary as Trump tends to be. But saying something provocative grabs attention. It sets the agenda for conversation. — Stephen Wershing

6. How Direct Indexing Can Help Keep Client Fees Low and Reinforce Your Value-Add

In extraordinarily volatile markets like we have seen throughout 2020, financial advisors and institutions are under extreme pressure to not only calm and reassure clients, but also to reinforce their value proposition and retain existing client relations while establishing new ones. — Adhesion Wealth

7. If Cold Calling Doesn’t Work With Women, What Does?

Very few, if any, advisors make cold calls like this anymore. Not only is it a tedious, soul-sucking process but it is usually less effective in generating clients – especially women. — Strategy Marketing

8. The Great American Housing Boom Has Begun

What if I told you that US housing is one of the best money-making opportunities today? You’d probably think I’m crazy. After all, how can anyone think housing is a good bet right now… especially in the middle of a global pandemic? — Stephen McBride

9. Erasing History And The Impact On The Markets

Thirty five percent of investors agree with the removal of all statues and monuments that honor past people who may have been slaveholders (including Thomas Jefferson and others).  Fifty percent disagree. — George Walper, Jr.

10. The Importance of Website Accessibility for Financial Advisors

What happens when a person with a disability can't use a financial institution's website? They leave. — Outlook Business Solutions

11. Are You in Charge or is COVID-19? How to Make Your Summertime Productive Time!

Although things are not yet back to, “business as usual”, taking time to unwind from those hectic months is important to your physical, emotional, and mental health. — Ken Unger