11 Most Read Advisorpedia Articles of the Week!

1. Get Your HNW Clients to Send You More HNW Clients

Life is gradually getting back to normal after the pandemic.  It may be three steps forward, one step back, but we can see light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s time to start thinking about growing your practice again.  You would love it if your HNW clients to replicate themselves. — Bryce Sanders

2. How the Affluent Find a New Financial Advisor

How do the affluent search for a financial advisor? The answer to this question is key for helping you as the advisor figure out where to spend your marketing dollars, and where you should spend the most time and effort when it comes to what marketing strategies you're going to employ. — Samantha Russell

3. The Flexibility Premium of Market Success

During this crisis, markets have rewarded flexible companies, a continuation of a trend that predate the crisis to the last one. If the last decade has been a disruptive one, that disruption has been largely driven by companies that have not only built flexible structures, but also used that flexibility to gain competitive advantages over their status quo competitors. — Aswath Damodaran

4. The “Next Netflix” Has Finally Revealed Itself

A sleeping giant tech stock has awoken. It’s already handing out monster gains. And as I’ll show you today, it’s just getting warmed up. — Justin Spittler

5. 5 Tips For Financial Advisors Who Want A "Lifestyle" Practice

If you’re a financial advisor and you want to build a business that suits your needs, make sure you read this article in its entirety… Because what I’m about to share with you right now may anger some, but it will help countless others. — James Pollard

6. 7 Ways to Make Your Fiduciary Presentations More Effective

Another casualty of the current crises may be your fiduciary presentation. The ubiquitous 3/8th inch thick, GBC bound pitch book has about as much relevance as an 8-track tape player. Fiduciary presentations that might have worked four months ago, may not work for you today. — Don Trone

7. Want to Achieve Greater Diversity? Start With Women 

Conversations about diversity and inclusion are ubiquitous today and they touch every sector, at every level. There is no question minorities have faced huge struggles to survive and thrive in a world that has kept power out of their reach. — Paulette Filion and Judy Paradi

8. Do HNW Investors Think More Advice Is Better?

Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing?  Seeking guidance and suggestions from multiple sources can often lead to a very informed decision, however it can also lead to confusion and even less direction. — Catherine McBreen

9. The Top Nine Challenges to Digital Transformation for Financial Institutions

The IIF and Deloitte have launched a three-part series to explore how financial institutions are embracing digital innovation to tackle shifting market dynamics and disruptive forces, such as open data, changing customer expectations and disintermediation of the value chain. — Chris Skinner

10. How Advisors Can Get a Better Return on Their Investment

It is a little ironic that many professionals in the business of advising people how to get better returns do not do what they should to get a better return on one of their own biggest investments – their business. — Tony Vidler

11. How to Fill Your Pipeline Despite the Coronavirus Pandemic

I know a lot of people are having to reinvent the way they do business because of the social distancing rules in a post-pandemic world. If you were an ace at pressing flesh at live meet and greets and networking events, you’ve got to make some changes. If you built your business walking into every business you can find the door to and asking for the owner, you’ve got to make some changes. — Don Connelly