11 Most Read Advisorpedia Articles of the Week!

1. The Pandemic Has Caused Millennials to Become Conservative Investors

The pandemic and the related market volatility has caused investors of all ages and types to reassess their existing asset allocation and determine how comfortable they are that they will meet their long-term goals. — Catherine McBreen

2. The Gordian Knot of Getting Referral Business for Advisors

Getting referral business is hard…but oddly enough it is also easy. Lots of advisers say they get all their new business from referral, but when you dig into things it seems that actually they don’t get a lot of referrals. The ones they get are great, but they don’t get loads and loads of them. — Tony Vidler

3. AI Healthcare Stocks Will Mint the World’s First Trillionaire

You won’t read about these stocks in the mainstream media. The average investor doesn’t even know they exist. But don’t let that fool you: because a small “hidden” group of companies is figuring out how to merge artificial intelligence with medical technology. — Justin Spittler

4. Why Financial Advisors Should Create a YouTube Channel + 7 Ways to Optimize

Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools for financial advisors. Learn how everything you need to know about using Youtube to grow your business. — Samantha Russell

5. The New Age of Referral: Leveraging LinkedIn for Business Development

Professional services firms have historically relied heavily on referrals to generate new business. On average, nearly 70% of buyers made a referral for their service provider. Interestingly enough, this number has decreased nearly 5% since 2013. So what gives? — Joe Pope

6. 4 Things Baby Boomers Should Focus On After The Fed Stimulus Ends

As the “easy money” era runs its course, money management doesn’t have to be difficult. A look at what’s next. From low rates to where? — Rob Isbitts

7. Do Young Financial Advisors Have Over Older Advisors?

When it comes to asking people to handle their money, having a few grey hairs does bring a small advantage. People are just naturally reluctant to trust people with managing their money who are younger than their own children. — Don Connelly

8. The New Financial Advisor Workplace

While some RIAs were caught flat-footed when widespread stay-at-home orders were instituted across the country in March, most have reported a “better than expected” experience transitioning to working from home. — Matt Sonnen

9. When Many Charities Ask Your Client for Many Gifts

Financial advisors and professional fundraisers have a lot in common.  Both seek out wealthy people.  They start with a business relationship that transitions into a social relationship, later on developing into a really big business relationship.  the advisor wants managed assets under one roof. — Bryce Sanders

10. What 2020 Has Taught Us That Will Position Your Advisory Business for Future Success

If there’s one thing 2020 has reminded us is that uncertainty is abundant. Black swan events like COVID-19 happen (and will continue to happen). In an ever-changing world, adaptation and innovation is the new currency of success. — Shauna Mace

11. What Leaders are Getting Dangerously Wrong Right Now. And How to Fix it.

The lines between “personal” and “work,” “politics” and “humanity” have blurred so completely that leaders and organizations are finding themselves having to manage a response that may feel miles from their comfort zone. There is a demand for speed. Waiting, watching, and hoping are unacceptable strategies. The time for a response is yesterday. — Rachel Cooke