11 Most Read Advisorpedia Articles of the Week!

1. Top Advisors Add Value During Turbulent Times, Do You?

We are now in new and unchartered waters for many investors and advisors alike. The difference is that now is the time for advisors to lead investors intelligently and empathetically. — Ken Unger

2. What Referral Sources Investors Listen to in Search of a Financial Advisor

Accountants are likely to have a good idea which advisors are both successful and easy to work with, since they often have business relationships with advisors in an attempt to balance a client’s investment desires with tax-related concerns. — Catherine McBreen

3. Financial Advisors Can Do Personal Online-Only Advice

There are some great reasons to go digital in your advice process, especially if you live in a city where traffic gridlock, exorbitant parking costs and insane commercial rents drive up your overheads and kill your productivity. — Tony Vidler

4. 55 Critical Questions Financial Advisors Need to Answer for the New Normal

Planning for your new normal is essential. You’re going to need more than the back of an envelope, and you’re going to have to be willing to put time into its preparation. The time you put into planning is going to determine the quality of your reopening and whether you’ll be a successful first mover. — Don Trone

5. In a World of Low and Negative Interest Rates, What Is an Investor to Do?

Low interest means what you think – it may be less expensive to finance large purchases like a car or home, but it can also mean lower returns on certain types of investments like bonds, CDs and more. — Ted Parker

6. New and Disruptive Methods of Resolving Financial Stress

The coronavirus crisis has caused a plethora of financial issues that businesses must now face. All of my clients are dealing with dilemmas concerning customers, credit, future sales, financing, planning cash flow, forecasting, etc. when it comes resolving financial stress. — Dr. Bert Schlensky

7. How Traditional Economic and Financial Conditions Have Been Upended by the Pandemic

On Monday, it cost nearly $38 to get rid of a barrel of oil. This was more of a technical phenomenon than actual opportunity, yet it is another example of how traditional economic and financial conditions have been upended by the pandemic. Oil is cheap globally - but not that cheap. — Ross Levin

8. Equities Are on Sale but Alternatives May Be Preferable

What can Advisors do to drive performance and maintain exposure to appreciating assets, without subjecting clients to significant downside risk? — Joseph Burns

9. Think We're Going Back To Business As It Was? Think AGAIN

New habits are emerging. Quickly. Pay attention. They’re here to stay. Think of them as Emergent Strategy. Emergent Strategy is the wisdom of our times. — Achim Nowak

10. YouTech: How Financial Advisors Can Take Control of Their Budget

It is important to build a complete understanding of your financial situation, the relief available to you should you need it, and have a plan for what you can and should be doing differently to help your firm emerge from this environment in a position of strength. — Douglas Heikkinen

11. Silver Linings: Using Crisis to Improve Your RIA’s Health

There are only two sides to the profitability equation that you can manipulate in order to boost profitability: you can increase revenue, or you can decrease expenses. — Matt Sonnen