11 Most Read Advisorpedia Articles of the Week!

1. What Will the Post-Virus New Normal Look Like?

I don’t think anyone believes we will go to back to anything like January 2020 normalcy anytime soon. We have no idea, even if restaurants and everything open, what shopping patterns will look like. — John Mauldin

2. The Stock Market Is Not a Magic Money Machine

Americans disobey. They don’t follow rules. They don’t follow guidance. I had to pick up some medicine at the vet’s office for one of my cats the other day, and there were hundreds of cars on the road—just like any other day. — Jared Dillian

3. Dow Gone Wild! How To Deal With This Volatility

Volatility? I’ll show you volatility! Certainly, you have felt that movement. We all have. But when we look at it more closely, we find something surprising. As volatile as this market has been, it may actually be even MORE volatile than we even realize. — Rob Isbitts

4. YouTech: Using Sudden Change to Evolve Your Business

If someone had told you in the first week of March that your entire business would be forced to move out of your office and into your employee’s homes overnight and would be managed entirely online, what would you have said? — Douglas Heikkinen

5. How Advisors Can Prospect in Difficult Times

This is a challenging time for financial advisors and wealth management. We have never seen this before, so acting on what we know and our gut instincts is a natural reaction. We sign up for webinars in the hope to change our thinking. But there is a reason why the average advisor is not calling prospects. — Grant Hicks

6. The Way Forward Is to Focus on Your Tribe

Connection shows you care. Touching base with the slice of audience you serve is never wasted effort. If you work within, say the hospitality industry, your revenue may have taken a hit, maybe even a big one. — Rochelle Moulton

7. Four Steps for Tough Conversations with David Wood

David Wood shares perspectives on working from home, how the COVID-19 pandemic has provided the whole world a shared experience, the importance of looking for beauty and love, and how you should be reaching out to your clients as we go through this experience together. — Power Your Advice

8. 8 Ways Advisors Can Keep Prospecting and Servicing Clients Through Social Distancing

Traditionally, being a financial advisor has been a face-to-face business. We are creatures of the working lunch, the handshake, the coffee meeting. Appointments are the lifeblood of our business, because we’re in the business of personal relationships. That’s our real advantage over the low-cost robo-advisors, and a big part of how we justify our fees. — Don Connelly

9. The Future of the Financial Markets; After COVID-19

This global pandemic is not a Black Swan event - an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially significant rewards or consequences.  COVID-19, like SARS, MERS, Ebola and other viruses before, is quite a predictable event, and one day, another novel virus will attack us. — Philip Chao

10. During This Crisis, No One Is Looking for a Fiduciary

If the coronavirus doesn’t kill your practice, the fiduciary flu will. If during this crisis you’re still marketing yourself as a fiduciary, your practice is in serious trouble. Clients aren’t looking for a fiduciary…they’re looking for a leader. — Don Trone

11. Trillions of Dollars of Coronavirus Aid Appears … From Where?

These are extraordinary times. No one can remember anything like this, except maybe those over the age of 80. The last time anything like today’s world happened was the Second World War but, as I said the other day, they were fighting each other. We are fighting a thing. The world has stopped. — Chris Skinner