11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. The Market Is Disconnected From Everything

Throughout history, there are correlations you would expect to hold constant between the market, consumer confidence, and the economy. Currently, after a decade of zero interest rate policy, massive amounts of liquidity, and financial supports, the market has become detached from reality. — Lance Roberts

2. Would You Want Your Advisor to Outlive You?

Advisors are often challenged to articulate their value.  What do you bring to the relationship?  A financial advisor in Singapore told me about this question.  It’s brilliant!  The rationale behind the answer (yes) defines the advisor’s value. — Bryce Sanders

3. What Everyone Has Wrong About the Housing Boom

“This is just out of control.” Ellen Coleman has sold real estate for 15 years, but she’s never seen a market like this. The realtor recently listed a fixer-upper in Washington, DC, for $275,000. Within four days, Ellen received 76 all-cash offers. The 1,800 square-foot home sold for $460,000, almost $200k over asking price. Housing is booming. — Stephen McBride

4. Is Your Value Proposition Consistent With Your Strategy?

Two areas advisers wrestle with forever seem to be creating a value proposition and creating a strategy.  There is a way of  helping to define both in broad terms quickly, and that carries the massive advantage of ensuring that the two are aligned.  Your value proposition should reinforce where you are different in the market, and where you choose to be different in the market should create a value proposition, right? — Tony Vidler

5. How Financial Advisors Can Market to High-net-Worth Individuals

Marketing your firm to HNW individuals is not much different from marketing to other prospects. Searchability, trust and shared interests should form the backbone of your efforts. To make the biggest difference, focus on understanding the needs, interests and pain points of HNW individuals, and providing information and content on these subjects. — Samantha Russell

6. Access Tomorrow’s IPOs with Nick Worontzoff

Nick Worontzoff is the founder and managing partner of NW3 Access, a company that gives clients access to private markets in pre-IPOs, providing investors with superior asset allocation options within various industries and sectors, with the goal of improving a portfolio’s efficiency and risk-adjusted returns. In today’s episode, Doug and Nick talk about how and why Nick founded NW3 Access, and the opportunity for advisors and investors in the pre-IPO space. — Power Your Advice

7. Advisors: Female Clients Are Increasingly Enthusiastic About Bitcoin

The demographic side of the bitcoin adoption equation is its opportunity set for advisors because data confirm more and more investors are treating bitcoin as a long-term holding. Clients in older age ranges doing so need guidance in right-sizing bitcoin exposure. — Todd Shriber

8. S&P 500: The World’s Most Misleading Stock Market Indicator?

It’s a great time to know what you own, starting by better understanding “the market” This year has been one of the most deceptive on record, because investors are thinking one thing and reality is another. For some, the “market” is the S&P 500. If you own an S&P 500 Index fund, that makes sense. But whether you are part of the masses who do rely on the “headline” S&P 500 Index to grow your wealth, there’s something you should know. — Rob Isbitts

9. Dollar Appreciation Threatens the Global Economy

The Fed’s liquidity fire hose supported the massive government fiscal response to Covid. Through unprecedented asset purchases, the Fed provided enough liquidity to allow the U.S. Treasury to increase its debt burden grossly at historically low yields. Its actions bolstered asset markets and weighed on the dollar in the process. — Michael P. Lebowitz

10. Focus On the Experience, and the Numbers Will Come ... Always

When you focus on moving the needle on your customer experience metrics, you do things differently and you do different things than when you focus on improving the experience, which ultimately leads to moving needle. Ultimately, both of these reasons focus on metrics. How do you move past that metrics focus? — Annette Franz

11. 9 Easy Ways Advisors Launch Their Focus on Women

You have developed a new message and brand focused on women, so now what? “Build it they will come” is a great concept, but life could get pretty lonely unless you are ACTIVELY sharing your message and brand. As you develop your marketing strategy, you must focus on PASSIVE and ACTIVE systems. You need both, and each enhances the results of the others. — Adri Miller-Heckman