11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. 7 Ways Advisors Can Go on the Prospecting Offensive NOW

Wow. What a year. We accelerated the technology adoption and service model evolution we thought we “should probably get around to” over the next five years into a matter of months. Many financial advisors adapted quickly. Those who were prepared moved virtually and seamlessly around the imposed boundaries and not only expanded how they work with their client base, but also created opportunities to prospect and connect with potential clients. — Derek Bruton

2. Working From Home Has Increased Productivity. What Does That Hold for 2021?

The pace of digital transformation has skyrocketed within the year of 2020. Companies quickly had to pivot and change what they were doing pre-Covid-19. Digital transformation has become very prominent in our current pandemic and will be prominent going forward as well. What will be the new standard for companies and industries across the board? Surely it cannot go back to the way the world was pre-pandemic, the world will not ignore what has happened within the last year. — Chayton Allen

3. The Pandemic Hits the Housing Market. What Can Advisors Do?

You’re probably aware that the US housing market is on a tear because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Mortgage rates are at historic lows, and demand for new houses is off the charts. As more people accept that working from home may become permanent, there has been a massive flight from urban areas by families looking for larger houses with more land. After working in cramped conditions for nearly a year, many people have cried uncle and are bidding up properties in the suburbs. — Ken Maman

4. Is FaceTime Ever a Substitute for Face Time?

Digital communications tools enable us to exchange information and stay connected despite geographic distance. With videos and interactivity, we can continue to engage with clients, contacts, and colleagues, but there’s no true substitute for spending time with someone in person, especially when it comes to negotiating contracts and closing deals. — Michael P. Scaplen

5. We Can’t Wait Any Longer for More Coronavirus Relief

Change is happening swiftly and not always comfortably. Events that would have stretched over years seem to be happening all at once, which makes it a little unsettling. I firmly believe we’re going to get through this and find a better world on the other side. And a relief package for those who help us get there is a good next step. — John Mauldin

6. Shifting From Survival Mode Back Into Growth Mode in 2021

In 2020, the COVID-19 virus forced businesses to close, the public to stay at home, and events to be cancelled or downsized as they shifted online. Simply put, the year was about businesses surviving, whether that meant transitioning to remote working or exploring completely new business models, products and services. Financial services businesses were not immune to the health and economic crisis, and many were deeply impacted. Now that we are on the cusp of the new year, we need to shift our thinking from survival mode back into growth mode and start planning how to use communications and marketing efforts to fuel growth in 2021. — Christina Farrelly

7. The Digital Advertising Landscape With Matt Kelly

In this episode of The Data Possible Podcast, Matt Kelly, vice president of advertising at InvestingChannel, discusses how having a multi-channel, content-focused approach in place can help firms achieve marketing nirvana. If you are looking to put the right message in front of the right advisor at the right time you don’t want to miss this episode. — Discovery Data

8. How Strong Will the Fourth Quarter Economic Recovery Be?

Investors should remember that this recession was never driven by a collapse in goods demand, but rather a collapse in demand for services. So long as the pandemic rages, services will likely continue to be negatively impacted. Of course, with a number of viable vaccines on the horizon, the services sector may see a lift earlier than first thought; but for now, investors should remember that the economy is at the mercy of the virus and policy, and continue to diversify for protection. — Jack Manley

9. How To Bob Dylan Your Authority Business

You may have heard that songwriting legend Bob Dylan sold his portfolio for a rumored $300 million. What did Universal Music get for their money? Royalties and licensing fees every time a song he wrote is streamed, broadcast, sold, used in films or commercials, etc. And it doesn’t matter who performs them—in fact one of the attractions of the Dylan deal is that his songs have been recorded over 6,000 times. Which means revenue every single time one of those gets played or sold (talk about leverage). — Rochelle Moulton

10. Is Bitcoin Becoming Respectable?

As bitcoin’s pricing goes up and down as usual – almost $18,000 today (who bought a few for a $1?) – it seems like the world is moving towards cryptocurrencies, as they are now respectable. — Chris Skinner

11. Investment Banking Can Enhance Financial Advisors’ Value Propositions with Michael Nessim

In this episode of Power Your AdviceMike Nessim and Doug Heikkinen discuss investment banking – what it is and why financial advisors should consider including it in their client portfolios. They also talk about how Kingswood can help advisors provide access to this important and differentiating solution for their clients. — Power Your Advice