11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. An Investment Playbook for Thriving During The Next Market Crash

Most investors have no idea that the most considerable risk to their portfolio occurs if the Fed cannot continue to be a market magician. The next market crash will likely be the result of a Fed error. Do you have an investment playbook in case such an event unfolds? — Michael P. Lebowitz

2. Why It’s Important to Give LinkedIn Plenty of Attention

Has LinkedIn become your major prospecting channel?  Is it part of your growth strategy?  If so, you need to focus serious attention instead of waiting for prompts or rarely checking.  Here’s why. — Bryce Sanders

3. Can I Still Prospect During the Holidays?

One of the problems we have at this time of year is that our prospects and customers go on holiday and vacation and everything comes to a grinding halt. Or does it? If you are still using the telephone for cold calling and email to get hold of prospects I can imagine it does. Most people when they go on holiday and vacation, will filter the phone for calls. I for one, don't take any cold calls and will filter the people in my address book who call. In email, many people will put on an out of office (Oo0) and will switch of email, or skim it. — Timothy Hughes

4. Why Financial Advisors Must Embrace Technology Now

We can complain all we want about the rise of robo-advisors but, the fact is, they only control a minute portion of the trillions of dollars held by wealth managers, advisors, and asset managers. Still, robo-advisors are on the cutting edge of technological innovations, and venture capital is flooding the financial technology sector with billions of dollars. — Don Connelly

5. Can Behavioral Diversity Strengthen Financial Advice?

When financial advisors bring unique backgrounds and perspectives to the advisory process, including behavioral diversity, it can strengthen financial advice. That’s not only a win-win for advisor and client, but it can also be the edge advisors need and the edge savvy clients are looking for. In fact, delivering consensus advice that results in mediocre outcomes will cease once advisors and clients recognize the importance of understanding behavioral diversity. — Leon Morales

6. Inflation vs. Deflation: Which Is the Bigger Threat in 2022?

The issue of inflation vs. deflation is likely to continue next year. Will the economy experience a short-term inflationary spike as the stimulus runs through the system? Of course. However, once the“Sugar Rush” wears off, the deflationary pressures will quickly reassert themselves. — Lance Roberts

7. The Attributes of a Viable Target Market

Would you like to create a reputation for yourself that attracts more Right-Fit Clients™?  Would you like to move further away from push prospecting and toward attraction marketing. The first thing you want to do is understand the difference between a category and a target market. In fact, most advisors who come to me for coaching have made that classic mistake and are not fully satisfied with their level of success. — Bill Cates

8. The Importance, Opportunity & Challenges of Investing in Senior Housing with Jade Miller

Jade Miller is the vice president of capital markets for the Bourne Financial Group, a real estate financial equity company specializing in healthcare development, acquisitions and asset management. In today’s episode, Doug and Jade talk about how Bourne develops and acquires private pay senior housing across the United States. — Power Your Advice

9. Advisors: If One Article Can Get You More Clients, You Just Found It

If you’re a financial advisor and your net income is below $300Kish per year, it’s almost certainly because your marketing doesn’t scale well.Two examples of unscalable marketing strategies are referrals and cold calls. I appreciate both of these strategies, but they should be  viewed as icing on your business cake, not the cake itself. Because the cold hard truth is that if you try to compete with a scalable marketing strategy, you will get crushed. — James Pollard

10. Advisor Client Contact Methods: Bad, Good, Better, and Best

Clients know when we are being lazy. Half-baked attempts to stay in touch make them cynical about our level of “personalized service.” That’s because all proactive contact is contact, but not all proactive contact is equal. There is a hierarchy to contact methods. However you manage your client outreach, don’t forget that the lowest-grade contact methods will breed the highest-grade contempt. — Charles Merwin

11. Who's a Good Girl for Portfolios? Maybe Pet Healthcare Assets.

Depending on how well advisors know their clients, the former might be hearing about post-pandemic additions to latter's families and, no, that doesn't mean children. Rather, it means pets. Yes, higher pet adoptions are a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Take it from a dog owner of more than 10 years that's worked from home longer than that: It's nice to have companionship when you're being forced to shelter-in-place due to a global health crisis, even if that companionship doesn't speak. — Todd Shriber