11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. How to Profit from the Gen Z Future

We’re often told to listen to our elders, abide their wisdom, and to follow their lead. But we may want to do the opposite — and follow the charge of the younger generation, especially when it comes to making investments. Younger generations are shaping the future, and that’s what we ought to be investing in. — Thomas Kostigen

2. What Do Clients Really Think About Virtual Reviews?

For months (and months and months) we’ve been talking about if or how the client experience will change going forward.  The basic question is this. What will be the same – and what will be different – as a result of the pandemic? It’s a good question. The challenge in finding the answer is – all too often - staring back at us in the mirror. Let’s face it, we all come wrapped in layers of bias that influence how we see the world. And those biases are actively influencing how you think about this question of if, or how, your client experience should evolve. — Julie Littlechild

3. Getting Prospects To Move Forward After One Meeting

There are a hundred and one ways you could approach the initial appointment. Ultimately, everyone has a way that works best for them, but this is how I approach it and, to me, it just feels better when it's done this way. I've also found it results in faster turnaround times, less procrastination when it comes to the decision to get advice, reduced fee sensitivity and the client experience is ramped up to 11. — Stewart Bell

4. The Challenges With Lead Generation

One of the most important skills for growing your business is lead generation. In fact, the main reason that coaches, advisors, and consultants struggle is their inability to create a flow of qualified prospects in their funnel and then convert them to paying clients. However, this doesn’t need to happen to you. — Annette Bau

5. Is The Market “Melting-Up?”

None of this means the next “bear market” is lurking. Given that a market melting-up is a function of psychology, they can last longer and go further than logic would predict. What is required to “end” a melt-up is an unanticipated exogenous event that changes psychology from bullish to bearish. Such is when the stampede for the exits occurs, and prices decline very quickly. — Lance Roberts

6. Dealbreakers When Doing Business with Friends

There’s a difference between clients who become friends and friends who become clients.  The people who started as clients first have already learned the rules of the road.  Friends who become clients may have other ideas.  Not all of these are dealbreakers, but you need to be firm. — Bryce Sanders

7. Advisors Face Challenges with Male Clients

When it comes to working with male and female clients, advisors usually hear more about working with the latter and rightfully. Numerous reasons explains why the mainstream financial media and the financial services industry itself are placing added emphasis on advisors better engaging female clients. There's the obvious of women overlooked for far too long in the advisory business, but there's more to the story. — Todd Shriber

8. Rethinking Your Financial Services Business for Growth and Succession

In a business environment of accelerating change, financial advisor professionals need to regularly review and rethink every aspect of their business – their business model, operations, client engagement strategies, product/service mix, and branding/marketing approach. A valuable perspective to acknowledge is that while rapid business change is unsettling, it also can be an opportunity. It pushes you, helps you grow as a professional, and can enhance your competitive positioning in the industry - if you are proactive and strategic about it. — Bill Hortz

9. Why Do Your People Fail You?

It isn’t terribly unusual to find advisers taking on staff and being disappointed reasonably quickly, as the staff fail to deliver quite what the adviser expected or was hoping for. — Tony Vidler

10. Advisors: Is It Time to Adjust Your Investing Strategy?

In this environment, advisors can't call the same old plays from the investment strategy playbook. Today's investing environment is a whole new ballgame, and financial advisors are understandably wondering whether it's time to come up with some new plays. The fourth quarter of the year, in particular, is a critical time for advisors. They must make sure their investment strategy and communication of that plan to clients are airtight. Financial advisors not only have to deliver results, but they also need to make sure the story behind all that effort is crystal clear. — Rob Isbitts

11. Fishy Fish: What You Should Really Know About Sustainable Seafood

Regardless of whether you enjoy seafood, the truth is, it’s important to be informed about seafood’s sustainable and unsustainable components. That’s exactly what Kim Griego-Kiel is here to help you learn in this week’s episode. Join in as Kim reveals how understanding seafood sustainability can help you make conscious decisions as a consumer. Plus, learn how you, too, can mitigate the harm caused to the environment when these marine creatures are extracted from their natural habitat. — Kim Griego-Kiel