11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. King Charles May Rock the Boat

We’ve sifted through thousands of words on this, wondering what King Charles III will mean for America and the world. The bottom line is important: He May lead the battle for a radical environmental agenda, which has fallen out of favor as the dominance of Fossil fuels continues to be a political and economic necessity. — Greg Valliere

2. Recession Signals Abound As Fed Hikes Rates

At the Jackson Hole Summit, Jerome Powell made it clear the Federal Reserve remains focused on combatting inflation despite recession signals rising in tandem. To wit: “Restoring price stability will take some time and requires using our tools forcefully to bring demand and supply into better balance. Reducing inflation is likely to require a sustained period of below-trend growth. Moreover, there will very likely be some softening of labor market conditions. While higher interest rates, slower growth, and softer labor market conditions will bring down inflation, they will also bring some pain to households and businesses. These are the unfortunate costs of reducing inflation. But a failure to restore price stability would mean far greater pain.” — Lance Roberts

3. Three Reasons Why Investors Need to Source Income Efficiently

Investors naturally gravitate toward higher-income segments as a way to boost traditional core bond yields. But many US fixed-income investors have been limiting their choices to just a few aisles in the income supermarket, primarily focusing on US high-yield exposure. We think a better approach is to stock the cart with a greater variety—not all of them found in the domestic aisles. — Brian Resnick

4. Yields are Defying Yesterday’s Logic

Many astute bond investors are baffled by rising bond yields. Economic activity is slowing, inflation expectations are falling, the Fed is aggressively fighting inflation, and QT has begun. In the past, those factors were a surefire recipe for a rip-roaring bond rally. Today bond yields defy yesterday’s logic. — Michael P. Lebowitz

5. Blending Principles With a Unique Approach to Wealth Planning with Raj Bhattacharyya

Raj Bhattacharyya is the CEO of Robertson Stephens, a privately-held, boutique wealth management firm servicing entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, family offices and institutions. Doug and Raj talked about how Robertson Stephens is evolving to keep pace with changes across the wealth management industry, with the goal of helping advisors better serve their clients. — Power Your Advice

6. Survey Says Advisors Are More Important than Ever

With the rapid proliferation of robo-advisors and social media-driven investing, some investors may be thinking they can go it alone. As such, some advisors may feel their business models are threatened. Good news: The opposite appears to be true. In fact, a variety of data points and studies confirm investors and prospective clients across a broad swath of demographic groups want to work with registered investment advisors (RIAs). — Todd Shriber

7. 7 Critical Pieces to Have in Place to Sell Your Financial Advisory Practice

Expect to see significant mergers and acquisitions in the Financial Services industry in the next few years. We have an aging advisor population who are looking for exit strategies and need to do serious succession planning. Financial Advisory C-Suite decision-makers gathered recently at The Deal and Dealmakers Summit by Echelon Partners to meet mergers and acquisition experts, design strategy, and optimize their deal-making. They stressed that to sell a financial practice, you need to have your business act together. This article discusses the critical areas to focus on to create high value and make the best deal. — Susan Danzig

8. Building A Systematic Referrals Business

Building a successful advisory business requires building a systematic referrals process. Key words there are “systematic” and “process”. In the absence of a strong system referrals will simply be received on an ad hoc basis, drifting in whenever a particular customer is especially motivated to do so, or when an adviser remembers to try and obtain one. — Tony Vidler

9. How To Increase Your LinkedIn Page Views by 500%

Just back from vacation and while I was away I decided to start a Linkedin newsletter from my LinkedIn profile. Had been thinking about it for a few months, but the vacation gave me to the space to think. After all, I'm a CEO of a company that is digital and we help business to become digital, it's a unique role. So why don't I share my experiences and what we see is happening in the business world? Not sure if you are aware, but the first time you publish a newsletter the LinkedIn algorithm pushes it out to the whole of your network. — Timothy Hughes

10. How to Talk (Or Not) About Your Competitors

I have a colleague who told me that he never pays attention to his competition, and believes talking about your competitors is a waste of time. He doesn’t care what they do. He just focuses on his business. He’s been extremely successful, so who am I to judge? — Bill Cates

11. Who Is Investing in Crypto?

Cryptocurrencies have been volatile recently, leading many to question the future of this relatively new, but increasingly popular, investment type.  Are cryptocurrencies merely a trend or an important component of the portfolios of affluent investors? — Catherine McBreen