11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. Why the Bear Market Remains & the Rule of 20

The “Rule Of 20” says the “bear market” may just be resting despite much commentary to the contrary. In a recent Investing.com article, Bank of America strategist Savita Subramanian warned clients that stocks are still expensive despite this year’s drawdown. — Lance Roberts

2. Do Client Fears Ever Go Away?

Just because you create a vision and a plan to address all of your client’s fears and concerns doesn’t mean those fears and concerns automatically disappear forever.  Yes – you may quell these emotions for a time, but since these emails are usually deep-rooted and hard-wired into your clients’ brains, they will re-emerge from time to time. — Bill Cates

3. The Most Important Variables in Hiring a Financial Advisor

The decision to hire a financial advisor is one that shouldn’t be entered into lightly. Many factors should be considered, and the most important traits are dependent upon each investor. Weighing various factors when considering hiring an advisor is critical to ensure that investors hire the right advisor. — Catherine McBreen

4. How Advisors Can Work More Effectively with Black, Hispanic Clients

Improving workforce diversity, including in advisory practices, is a topic generating plenty of attention these and one that numerous studies suggest pays dividends. However, registered investment advisors (RIAs) should also consider the benefits of diversifying client bases. — Todd Shriber

5. Bear Market Wealth Management

Growing wealth happens over decades. Within these decades are many bullish and bearish cycles. While investors tend to focus on making the most of the bullish cycles, it is equally important to avoid letting bear markets reverse your progress. The amount of time spent in bear markets is minimal, but the time lost recovering your wealth can be substantial. — Michael Lebowitz

6. Are You Confusing Your Clients? Focusing Your Planning Options to Reduce Indecision

Analysis paralysis, decision fatigue, and mental overload. Our potential clients are exhausted by the speed at which the world moves today. All the decisions they are making at work, as parents, as children of aging parents, at home.... SO. MANY. DECISIONS. — Libby Greiwe

7. Stop Swiveling & Finally Scale Wealth Management

Have you become a “swivel chair advisor” – one who is constantly switching between multiple systems, re-entering data, and copying and pasting information in order to complete a task or workflow. — Orion Advisor Tech

8. The Art and Science of Exit Planning

When the time comes to exit your business, the goal is to drive your enterprise value, maximize your exit strategy, and elevate yourself qualitatively in the process. — Duncan MacPherson

9. The Most Important Event in Crypto Is Weeks Away

And now, it’s official: The most important event in crypto is a few weeks away. Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest crypto, is getting a monumental upgrade—one all crypto investors should be excited about. — Chris Reilly

10. Sole Practitioner or Team Member? Which Is Better?

Many newer advisors, after completing training ponder the question: “Am I better on my own or should I join a team?”  At some firms there might not be an option.  Sometimes it’s a question of timing.  At some stage in their career, an advisor might consider whether working as a sole practitioner or joining (or forming) a team makes better sense.  There are pros and cons for each alternative. — Bryce Sanders

11. The Disruptor You Can’t Live Without

Would you buy Google (GOOG) today? Investing in its stock seems almost too “obvious.”  Google is already a giant. It’s the third-most valuable company in the world and has handed investors 900% gains since 2010. — Stephen McBride