11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. Here’s What You Should Do About Inflation

In short, the market “priced in” inflation long before the government released its official figures. Remember: Markets look to the future. That’s why you should never make investment decisions based solely on economic data or magazine articles. There’s a great chance that the big money has already been made. And this doesn’t just apply to inflation. We’ve seen this play out in cannabis stocks, crypto miners, and uranium miners in the past. Now, this doesn’t mean inflation doesn’t exist… Thanks to the Federal Reserve, prices for everyday goods will likely continue increasing. But the time to bet on inflation isn’t when it’s being plastered all over magazine covers. It’s when no one else is talking about it. — Justin Spittler

2. Was That The Peak Of Economic Growth & Earnings

While none of this suggests the market will “crash” tomorrow, it is supportive of the idea that future returns will be substantially weaker in the future. There are few, if any, Wall Street analysts expecting a recession currently. Instead, most are confident of a forthcoming economic growth cycle. Yet, at this time, there are few catalysts supportive of such a resurgence. — Lance Roberts

3. The Risks of Building Your Experience Around a Typical Client

What Drives Expectations? While we cannot easily create a client experience that is unique to each individual (yet), there is a driver of client experience that we cannot ignore. It’s true (and you know it) that age influences what we need, want and expect.  And what clients need, want and expect drives the client experience. — Julie Littlechild

4. The 5 Types of Affluent Women; And How to Market to Them

While the vast majority of financial services firms marketing to women use the same approach regardless of their personality, there are actually five types of women. And each group has unique traits, interests, and needs. If you want more women investors, more affluent clients, or more of the female market, you need to meet and support her, where she is, not where you want her to be. — Annette Bau

5. Are You Referable?

In a client driven practice, clients drive strategy through their unique needs and wants and drive business development through referrals. Here’s a quick way to see how referable you are. Ask your clients the ideal people who should work with you – who comes to mind when they think of your firm? — Stephen Wershing

6. 3 Overbought Stocks on the S&P 500 That May Pullback in August

As the equity markets continue to trade at record levels it is also imperative for stocks to trade at sky-high valuations. Even from a technical perspective, several stocks might have entered overbought territory warranting a massive pullback, especially if the markets undergo a correction. — Finscreener

7. Can Advice Finally Go Mainstream? with Stewart Bell

Stewart created The Leveraged Advice Firm, a business coaching program and community for financial advisors, accountants and other advice professionals who are optimistic about the future. In this episode of Power Your Advice, Doug Heikkinen and Stewart talk about the evolution of advice in Australia and about why Stewart is bullish on the advisor for a grand future. — Power Your Advice

8. How To Introduce Your Clients to ESG Investing

Are you giving your clients the opportunity to make a positive impact on this world with their investments? In this episode, Matt Halloran is joined by Gabe Rissman, the co-founder and president of YourStake.org. Gabe dives into how advisors can make it easy for clients to start aligning their money with their values. He explains how to have clear conversations about ESG investing with clients and the best approach for helping them uncover their values. — ProudMouth

9. AMC Foolishness Comes At A Dear Cost

In Undermining Capitalism with Unreal Values and Crass Distortion we discuss how recent extreme monetary policy measure undermine capitalism. The article highlights how yield hungry speculators are piling into junk-rated debt despite the fact they all but guaranteed to lose purchasing power. Our gripe goes well beyond the mispricing of financial markets. Its more insidious. Warped market values reduce the productive output of the economy, and therefore impair wealth and income equality. Misallocated capital is inflating the value of meme stocks, such as the near-bankrupt AMC movie chain, and draining resources from productive sectors of the economy. — Michael P. Lebowitz

10. Business Trends That Are Reshaping the Oil and Gas Industry

The world is anything but stagnant, and each industry is vastly different today than when you think back to its earliest days. Even though it’s apparent that this very same world is rapidly shifting towards more eco-friendly, renewable natural resources, the oil and gas industry is rapidly changing to accommodate the shifts in the market and consumer needs. — Peter Minkoff

11. Why the Most Important Reason for Success Is Staying Relevant

Why the most important reason for success is staying relevant. Why is relevance a key strategic concept; why does it matter? Relevance drives the motivation of people and organizations; to be relevant is to be successful. Irrelevance, on the other hand, is the state to be avoided because to be irrelevant is to be ignored by those you wish to be visible to and admired by. And being ignored is to not have a voice listened to or a place admired in the world. — Roy Osing