11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. Bear Markets Matter More Than You Think

Investing for the long term is essential. However, as noted above, there are exceptionally long periods in market history that have denoted sub-par returns. Over the last 120-years, the one factor that denotes the success or failure of the investment journey has been “valuations” when you started. Such is why, if you are near to, or entering, retirement, there is a solid argument to be made for rethinking the amount of equity risk currently being undertaken in portfolios. — Lance Roberts

2. Short-Term Chip Supply Constraints Won't Derail Long-Term Tech Trends

Some clients may already know this, but the role of the U.S. in the global chip market is significantly split. When it comes to spending on semiconductor research and development and overall design, the U.S. is far and away the global leader. — Todd Shriber

3. Advisors: You Have to Talk With Clients About Cryptocurrency

Whether you believe it is an important new asset class or that it is the 21st century tulip bulb, you need to discuss crypto. Its place in the news cycle requires it. A client driven practice prioritizes issues that are on clients’ minds. Some concerns are consistent and long-term like staying on course for significant goals. Others are shorter term and more transitory. Including Fear Of Missing Out. — Stephen Wershing

4. How Wealthy Investors Want To Communicate With Their Advisor

Generation X grew up with pay phones, pagers, hard-copy mail, and dial-up internet.  This generation entered the workforce and learned basic computer software and the era of mainstream electronic communication began.  Millennials were immediately immersed in technology, with cellphones, texting, and emails being commonplace.  The differences in these generations from previous generations is often their preferences in communication. — Catherine McBreen

5. Crypto Currency Risks

The momentum of investing in crypto currencies, including the 13 year old Bitcoin, has been surging and more and more individual investors, financial advisors and institutions are either investing in or are stating they plan to invest in this new alternative to fiat currency and other forms of payment. — Nicholas Stuller

6. Inflation and Investing: False Alarm or Fair Warning?

As we approach the mid point of 2021, financial markets, for the most part, have had a good year so far. Looking at US equities, the S&P 500 is up about 11% and the NASDAQ about 5%, from start of the year levels, and the underperformance of the latter has led to a wave of stories about whether this is start of the long awaited comeback of value stocks, after a decade of lagging growth stocks. Along the way, it has been a bumpy ride, as the market wrestles with two competing forces, with an economy growing faster than expected, acting as a positive, and worries that this growth will bring with it higher inflation and interest rates, as a negative. — Aswath Damodaran

7. Strategic Alliances are Smart Marketing

It is hard work perhaps but creating strategic alliances is one of the smartest business building moves a practice can make.  Perhaps it is because it is not an easy or quick thing to do that so many professional services businesses never do it, but those that do reap the rewards for years. A strategic alliance can take many forms from a simple heads of agreement where 2 firms agree to co-operate with each other through to the more complex arrangements where mutual shareholdings are arranged and business partners take a commercial stake in each others businesses. — Tony Vidler

8. Goldman Sachs Initiates Coverage on Coinbase with Buy Rating

Goldman Sachs explained, “If meaningful parts of the economy can transition to blockchain and crypto-native technology over time," the analysts wrote, "we see significant opportunity for [Coinbase] to benefit from its status as a critical element of the financial infrastructure for the ecosystem." — Finscreener

9. Will Gold Shine Under Bidenomics?

Bidenomics is a big departure from sound economics. But when reason sleeps, gold fortunes are born. Biden’s triumph in the presidential election does not just mean that a new man lives in the White House. It actually implies a fundamental shift in economic policy. Some analysts even see Biden’s agenda as a decisive break with neoliberalism or “Washington consensus”. — Arkadiusz Sieron

10. The Deflation of Economic Inflation

The forced isolation of COVID-19 has impacted the inflation rate today and in the future. In this episode, Royal Standley dives into inflation, discussing how COVID-19 has impacted the economy. He reveals past examples of similar economic scenarios, how the future inflation rate may increase and the impact this could have on your retirement plan. — Royal Standley

11. The Ultimate AI Arms Dealers

Geopolitical tensions, global chip shortages and a focus on reshoring production capabilities all point to what we believe to be an attractive investment opportunity in Semiconductor Equipment manufacturers. — Auritro Kundu